Friday, 25 January 2008

Checklist for the Travel Technology Show

With just 10 days or so to go, it's time to set you all up with a list of things you need to remember.

  • Delegate pass - you're not getting in otherwise
  • Accommodation - if you're from out of town and staying for both days
  • Business cards - essential and obvious
  • Bottle of water - it might be February, but it gets warm in Earl's Court 2
  • Strong shoes - you'll be sorry if you don't
  • Seminar programme - better still, book now
  • Stand furniture - it will look bare without it
  • Promotional materials and brochures - what else are you going to give delegates?
  • Laptops - to show off that new product!
  • Drinks and nibbles - for you delegates
  • Exhibitor pass - the boss will be very unhappy if you forget it
  • Accommodation - you'll be exhausted after Day One

1 comment: said...

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