Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Why should I attend?

Here are some pretty good reasons for those still mulling over whether to spend two days in London at the beginning of February.

If you make or influence the decision for purchasing technology within your company, be it a business or leisure travel agent, online travel agent, tour operator, hotelier or transport company, then it could be the most useful 48 hours you'll spend this year.

Discover and evaluate technology to:
  • Increase or create online revenue
  • Enable your customers to transact effectively
  • Increases website functionality and effectiveness
  • Improves the look to book ratios
  • Maximises internet search engine, banner and marketing spend
  • Boost revenue from existing customers
  • Save costs by streamlining back office booking administration
  • Manage product pricing across multiple distribution channels
  • Processes commission payments and updates inventory automatically
  • Reduces company IT overheads
  • Allow seamless integration between sales, marketing and customer service
It's true, it really is... We've been before!


Alex B said...

Spending 48 hours at the show!

Exhibitors yes - but companies - er - more like 2 or 3!

We will be exhibiting for the first time....

Please pop by!

cheers. Alex

Brenda said...

We're exhibiting for the first as well - so there are obviously lots of new companies there!

It's a no-brainer. Going to an exhibition can save visitors days and sometimes weeks of wasted time. Visitors can cut through hours of telephone calls and days of wasted meetings by talking to all the exhibitors in one half day. Ask all the questions, compare services, products and people - its better to do business with nice people!

Its not meant to sound like a sales pitch for visitors -no commission coming my way - but I really do believe in exhibitions as a very useful and effective part of both the buying and the selling process.

Like everything its far more effective if you plan. Know why you are going, what you want to get out of your visit, and research some of the exhibitors before going. Then follow up.

Its still going to be quicker, more effective and more enjoyable than the alternative of staying in the office!

Pop along to see us at Boss Marketing on D30.


Travolution Blogger said...

Alex B: good luck, show virgin.

Travolution Blogger said...

Brenda: Thanks for your comments!

It is certainly a good show - made better, we think, since its move to Earl's Court in 2007.

Michael Collins said...
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Michael Collins said...

With a downturn phophesied it has never been more important to understand your customers, gain insight to their requirements and purchase behaviour and ensure relevant propositions are delivered to them, whether by mail, phone or when they visit your website.

Understanding the value of your customers, building a robust relationship with them and implementing a data-driven communication strategy will ensure a greater level of customer retention with its double edged benefits of continued revenue and reduced cost.

In addition, being able to “clone” your customers – finding prospects who resemble the profiles of your existing best customers, makes new customer acquisition more effective and more efficient.

Altogether, giving you competitive advantage.

I will be presenting in the session entitled “The Customer is still King” at the Travel Technology Show (11.15 am on 6th February).

Come along and find out why just knowing what a customer has bought or considering the outcome of market research in isolation will not be enough to deliver the marketing advantage you need to ride out any slump or downturn.

In the meantime do visit

See you there


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